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Page size:|A4 (297 x 210 mm), abstract must not exceed one page
Margins:|30 mm (top, bottom, left and right)
Font type:|Times New Roman and Symbol; do not use any other font
Line spacing:|title and text must be spaced by 1.25 lines
1<sup>st</sup> Line:|Title: centered, 12 point, bold capital letters
2<sup>nd</sup> Line:|Author(s):centered, 12 point, presenting author underlined
3<sup>rd</sup> Line:|Affiliation and full address: centered, 12 point. In the case of different affiliations of the authors, specify with superscript a, b, etc.
Main text:|left and right justified, 12 point, unindented
Figures:|good quality, located within the text (please bear in mind that abstracts are printed in black&white, and the page size will be reduced to 70%)
References:|placed in square brackets [1, 2, ...] in the text and cited at the bottom of the abstract